Monday, December 13, 2010

Still dreaming ....

And still playing with the photo editing programs!

This is Ka'anapali Beach on Maui about twenty minutes before sunset. I reworked the photo in NX2 and Elements 7.


  1. You sure are getting salty using NX2 and Elements7! Nice choice of color tones you chose. Makes a very attractive pic. Frame colors accent the Photo perfectly!

  2. I like the line created by the tops of the palms. I've started a daily photo challenge project. Comments aimed at helping me improve my photography would be appreciated! Thanks Ron.

  3. This picture came out real nice! I thought you said you were no good at this kind of stuff! I'd say the rest of us will be having to keep up with you pretty soon.

  4. Good work! NX2 is a good photoshop program, if you don't like working with layers. You can learn more if you look around in or


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