Thursday, December 23, 2010


Quynh Le , here is a Patience Bear my wife painted for our Grandchildren to help them wait for Christmas to open their presents! Maybe it will work on your kids?? Didn't work on ours, they still wanted to open everything " NOW ".

Ron and Cheryl celebrate a new Grand Daughter this year as the Parkers celebrate their first Great Grand Daughter this Year !! One more Chance to teach the Virtue "Patience". When it comes to Christmas " All Bets Are Off " !
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  1. Wow! Nice hand painted ornament!

    Merry Christmas Ron to you and your family.
    (Please tell Cheryl she has quite a tallent to hand paint that!)

  2. Oops Got my wires crossed... Parker your wife painted that beautiful ornament! Please tell her I think she has quite a tallent!

  3. This is a beautiful work by your wife. This crafts will provide a great memories for many years to come. Looking forward to see more of her work.

  4. Patience, kids? Those two words don't go together at Christmas (or very many other times for that matter!)

    I have a hard enough time getting Cheryl to wait for Christmas morning to open her presents!

    I guess your wife has that steady hand while you're camping and not there to bug her? LOL


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