Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PONY BRIDGE-Circa.1933

Route 66 crossing of the South Canadian River. Thirty-eight "Pony Trusses" of over 100ft. each were used to span the river.
Almost 3/4 of a mile long it is still an impressive bridge.

My Dad told me that when it was opened some folks danced from one side to the other. One fellow he knew claimed to have wore holes in his shoes on the trip across!

In the 1939 movie Grapes of Wrath this was the Bridge where GrandPa was buried on the family's journey to California trying to escape the Dust Bowl Days.
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  1. Yet another excellent almost mini documentary presentation by you! You have quite a tallent there! You know there is a demand for and following of travel blogs, you might consider submiting some of your postings to some of these sites and see what happens! You never know...

  2. Another great documentary, and a group of photos. This is something I need to work on the story behind my photos. Good Work!

  3. The bridges of Oklahoma County! LOL

    I bet the guy in the semi was wondering what the dummy was doing standing in the middle of the road. LOL

    Nice shots and again, great commentary. I'm with Q, I seem to be slacking on the photo descriptions. This blog thing is getting hard; let's see, I need commentary, good photos, frames, I'm going to have to quit my day job!

  4. Ron, this is actually spanning the Canadian & Caddo county line. Ijust pointed the camera thru the windshield at the truck as we met on the bridge. Suprised it was composed as well as it was.

  5. You cheated!! Q is a bad influence!! LOL

  6. I really like the angle on that second one Parker. I love The Grapes of Wrath and so enjoy knowing your location's connection to the characters in the book. Take care and Happy Holidays to you.


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