Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter time in the mountains

We've had a few really good frosts the past couple of weeks so everything here has turned brown and the leaves are falling off the trees. I really like this time of year. Because of the cold the bugs are gone, the snakes are gone, the leaves are gone and the campers are gone. It gives me lots of extra time to do what I like to do.

Is that the glint off of a gold bar in that cave? :~)

This was taken with a new toy I decided I needed. Nikon's S8100 point and shoot. So far it seems to be a nice little back up camera for when I don't want to carry or can't carry my DSLR.


  1. Nice to have the place to yourself for awhile. Glad to hear your getting time to enjoy your pursuits! Bugs and snakes being gone adds to the fun.

    I am positive that there are several giving off that glint!

    Looks like that camera knows its business! Very clear picture with good capture of the colors.

  2. Nikon S8100! Excellent choice for a bush / hiking camera. (Just read the reviews for it). Looks like it does a good job of capturing the moment too, nice clear and colourful picture!

  3. Don't want to carry or can't carry my DSLR!!!! Oh boy, you are spoiled from the beautiful landscape surround you. Speaking the campers are gone, I may have to make another short camping trip to give you something to do. LOL.

  4. Come on down!!! I guess that would be come on up in your case but either way, come on! I can take you several places for photo ops that most people never see.

    When I'm hiking for "other than photography reasons" I get into some places that aren't too friendly to large cameras plus the added wieght has been a real factor the last few weeks. I've been having to carry a lot of other equipment that has made me leave everything else but the essentials behind.


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