Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mmmmm, Mmmmm Good!

Thanks to Q, I think I have a new favorite marinade! I whipped up a batch of Q's "special sauce" and marinaded theses pork chops for 24 hours and then threw them on a hot grill. Man-O-Man were they tasty!!

It's been a very hectic couple of weeks here. Lots of sales of my laser cut ornaments with Christmas coming and a friend and I have been treasure hunting heavily with the good weather. This has left little time to do much else. Hopefully I will be back to taking some photos soon.


  1. I will remember this pic. and remind you of it next time I'm down!! Man that looks good! LOL

    Glad to here sales are strong. Lets see-----Rubbing in the Marinade---Rubbing in Heavy Treasure Hunting plus the Nice Weather while I'm trying to Rub out all my chores at home. Some people just have their " Rubbing Priorities " more organized than others!!!LOL

  2. You keep posting delicious pictures like that and I'm going to have to get a drool proof cover for my keyboard! LOL

  3. That's good my friend! You are a good listener. LOL. It's looks like we going to have a throwdown with Quynh Le next time I'm in your turf. I'm glad you enjoy the sauce, and looking forward to see you, and Cheryl again soon.

  4. I went back, and view the picture again. I saw an empty beer bottle, I thought there's no alcohol allowed in camp Doris. LOL

  5. A throwdown??? I'll take that challenge! I figure there's no way I can loose because there will be so much good tasting food from the two of us. We may have to have a party! LOL

    Beer? The rules for the private residence are different from the campgrounds so I'm allowed. :~)


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