Saturday, December 18, 2010


A few minutes east of Yukon,Ok., driving on the original concrete of the Mother Road " Route 66 " , you will come upon the Overholser Bridge.
Four "Parker through Spans" with a "Pony Span" on each end are needed to cross the North Canadian River. Replacing a Ferry Crossing the Bridge was opened for traffic in August of 1925. Connecting Canadian County with Oklahoma County, and Oklahoma City our State Capital. Can you imagine the Celebration at this "Ribbon Cutting" ?
Also catching my interest was this wonderous, large, Sycamore Tree. Was it a Witness to the constuction of this bridge? What stories and memories could it tell of the many different people that was witnessed traveling this Mother Road from Chicago to Santa Monica, California?

Still standing guard over this crossing, it will be known to me as "The Silent Sentinel" ! The largest of all the trees around Lake Overholser that I could find, (Lake was built in 1918) . I'm glad it's Silent! In my High School Days the Lake was known as "Lake Holdercloser" for reasons unknown to me!!!!
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  1. Note: Bridge is being restored but will be open only to Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic.

  2. Parker, I love photo two and three. Both are a very interesting perspective. The last is dramatic! Good eye!

  3. You have some really good pictures here! I especially like the bottom photo with the Sycamore tree in the foreground, and as always a wonderful narative to go with.

    I wonder if one were able to look at the newspapers from 1925 if you would find that a little Sycamore was planted at the bridge dedication ceremony...

  4. As always, an interesting and educational commentary. The photos are great! I really like the second one.

    I think it's about time for that wide angle lens!

  5. Oh yea, love the frames by the way!!

  6. Like always, great photos, and commentary. I like the #3 the most.


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