Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do you remember this Ron?

I just want to recap what we had on our dinner with Ron, and Cheryl from my previous camping trip. On the first picture, on the left is the pork chop, and the bottom picture is the Korean BBQ short rips.
Well, Parker if you wonder what Korean BBQ short rips looks like!


  1. You've got my Interest!! Grill marks are perfect. Just the right amount of blackened edges! Cuts of meat are Perfect! Everyone knows Pork "RULES". And I missed this Feast to work around the house!! Not Right!!

    OK, How many did that scoundrel Ron eat??? I hope he left some for the kids!!LOL

  2. Both pictures look mouth watering especially the short ribs!

    Merry Christmas to You and your family!

  3. I can guarantee you that the food was excellent and Parker, I ate as many as I could get my hands on!! LOL

    It really is a great recipe for pork. Cheryl and I have had it twice now since Q left. Great flavors!!


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