Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's for Christmas Dinner

Although I won't be harvesting my own steak and lobster (from Oklahoma and Hawaii respectively) it is what we will be having for Christmas Dinner. Since Cheryl and I will be without the kids and grandkids this year we have decided to splurge a little with some grilled steak and lobster, a mimosa or three and probably some twice baked potatoes if I get energetic.


  1. I like both of those pics! Your choice of menu sounds fantastic! You guys deserve a choice Surf & Turf feast.

  2. LOL like Parker says "Surf & Turf" though these two pictures look like "Rare & Sushi"...

    The lobster picture is so colourful but both are great shots!

  3. Sound good to me! Looking forward to see your dinner feast photos.


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