Sunday, December 16, 2012

Extreme photography

Found this intrepid individual doing some extreme cell phone photography this afternoon at Thomas Point. Over the years a number of people have been pulled into the water at this location. This fellow was lucky, I wonder if his cell phone was lucky enough to survive the saltwater bath?

Took this series of shots with the Sigma 120-400 at 400mm from a safe location 1,000 yards (0.6 miles) away. (Just out of curiosity I checked the distance on Google Earth).


  1. These are great! Nice action shots and very clear for that distance. I'm glad he didn't get washed away but my wierd sense of humor says this is funny!!

    Nice capture!

    1. These might have been a little clearer if I had been using a tripod... As it was I did have the camera leaning against a tree, plus the Sigma O.S. really helped.

  2. Have to give him credit for going for the shot. Sneaking up on crashing waves looks to be risky buisness. Not only for equipment but life and limb as well!

    Nice 'measured distance' action photos!


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