Saturday, December 15, 2012

Midtown OKC

Kaiser Building Circa 1918
Seems as after the Devon Tower visit we all had worked up an appetite. Kaiser's American Bistro was the chosen eatery.
Located at 10th and Walker in the original building with the original signage. In 1918 home made ice cream was the principal business. Today they still serve ice cream made on the premises along with a a variety of tasty food dishes as well as a full service bar. Malts, shakes and soda drinks can be ordered at the full service Soda Fountain.
Everyone at our table chose a different item from the menu from Catfish, Chicken Fried Steak, Meat Loaf made with buffalo meat and a Buffalo Burger with sweet potato fries. No doggie bags were needed!
Sure glad I wasn't driving home! Lulu and I had a hard time keeping our eyes open 


  1. Looks like a "happening place"! Once again it's good to see another heritage building alive and doing so well.

    The thought of buffalo meatloaf is making my mouth water!

  2. Soda fountain? Do they actually have an old timey soda fountain or is that just your age showing? LOL

    Home made ice cream and good food, sounds like a great place to me!

    1. Soda Fountain for real, age showing?, Who Me!

  3. Nice glow on this shot. Great color too.


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