Friday, December 14, 2012

Lulu Finds Santa

Least we forget the main purpose of this visit to the Devon Tower Complex, the search for Santa  continues!
First search found us at a nest of large red ornaments where Lulu posed for a quick shot amongst the giant globes. (Lulu is a nickname I gave to her at birth and it seems to have stuck. Hope she forgives me when she's older!)
He's Real, PaPa!
An escalator ride to the second floor of the rotunda finally ended her search for Santa Claus. When her turn came, she excitedly went to greet him and they seemed to have been friends for along time. Amazing fellow is this Santa!  Jovial, twinkle in his eye, red cheeks, a magnate for kids, and his moustache, beard and hair were all his!
On the ride home Laci-Lu and I had a heart to heart talk about this Santa. There was not a doubt in mind when she quietly told me, He's real PaPa!!
While writing this story I became aware of the
 tragedy of a school shooting that had happened this morning.
Innocent loving children were lost! Sadness and anger were my feelings!
Should I continue or just submit to my feelings of the moment? I chose to continue!
A Ray of Sunshine and Hope was needed!
Lulu and I dedicate this post to the Memory of the Children! 


  1. I echo Texwisgirls comment. Lovely photos.

  2. Sweet memories for the two of you, plus wonderful photos you've shared with us. Thank you.

  3. Priceless pictures on such a tragic day... Joy among the sorrow just like TexWes stated.

  4. Lovely picture! I do miss those days with my kids. What happened today it's too much for everyone. I wish there's a solution to stop this from happening again.

  5. Lovely photos that are sure to be treasured for years. It is ironic that this scene is one that 20 sets of parents in Newtown will never be able to replicate again. My heart weeps for all of them! Our President, politicians and citizens of our country need to stand up to the NRA and legislate serious laws to form effective means to control the senseless violence in our country. Too many young people are engaged in and are victims of guns. We also need to pay closer attention to mental health measures. We are all responsible and MUST DEMAND action now or it's only going to get worse.

    1. My Dear Kate, I don't engage in political views on my posts!

      The photos of our grandchild and our time together are priceless Treasures! Happy you enjoyed them!

    2. Touching post. Life is not fair....Love the photos of Lulu. That first one with the ornaments really caught my attention. =)


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