Saturday, December 15, 2012

High tide, rainy day...

No pictures of the stars or meteorites from over here on the Wet Coast... Weather over the last little while and into the foreseeable future is for clouds and rain. We did however have one of our highest tides of the year a couple of days ago so I went out and took a few pictures. Normally on most tides one wouldn't see the large vessel tied on the far side of the Coast Guard Base except for the the masts and antennae!

On another note, lately I've been experimenting with the various camera options available to me on my D90. More specifically the "Picture Control" options (in the menu system not the selector nob on top) where one can set the camera to "Vivid", "Landscape", "Portrait" etc and make adjustments to the saturation and sharpness. Anyone with a Nikon DSLR will understand.

Anyway what I found is that in an effort to get more striking pictures I had selected settings with far too much contrast and was loosing many of the details in the shadows and darker areas of the picture, particularly with the "Vivid" and "Landscape" settings. By setting the camera to "Standard" or "Neutral" I am able to get a much higher dynamic range and can add more contrast later in post processing if needed.

Just my 40% of a nickel...


  1. Interesting shot of the John P. Tully. Did a little search and found out a little about it's work. With a crew of twenty, Oceanographic and Hydrographic research/survey science is carried out on this vessel.

    Thanks for the good tip. I will check my settings this morning!
    Worth the Whole Nickel for this tip!

  2. That's one high tide if it brought the ship up that much!

    I'll have to try your tip on the settings. I have both of my DSLRs set to vivid and always leave them on that setting.

    1. My camera has also been set to Vivid with some extra sharpening and saturation right from day one. Still playing with the new settings but not on a sunny day yet.

      So far best results for me have been with the "neutral" setting and sharpening set to 6 or 7 with Active D lighting at auto and saturation to taste.


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