Friday, December 21, 2012

Smokey Mountain Series.

I'm apologize for the quality due to a stupid Iphone.  Well, this's my first time smoke a brisket, and some ribs from last weekend.  It's a different level of BBQ, I don't think I could get a perfect result without talking to Ron before using this smoker.  Everyone in my family are impressed with my BBQ, and I don't think I would spend my money buying those BBQ meat from a restaurant again.  


  1. Photos from a phone?? I'm shocked! LOL

    The food makes up for it though. It looks great. So good that now I'm hungry!

    You should have some rib rub arriving today.

  2. Now that's an impressive looking dinner regardless of what camera you used! I just finished dinner and your picture is making me feel hungry all over again...

  3. Brisket and ribs. Perfect! Having that Brobeck's Sauce to slosh on top makes it even more special!


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