Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More boat pictures

I've seen a variety of boats around here lately and decided to start taking pictures of some of them. The first two pictures are from today using the Sigma 120-400 at about 300mm for the top shot and 120mm for the middle shot. The last picture was taken several days ago with my trusty but soon to be replaced 18-135mm Nikon kit lens. Going to bite the bullet and spring for a Nikon 18-300 zoom in the very near future.


  1. Great shot! I think you are going to love that 18-300mm. Can't wait to see those pictures from this lens.

  2. Glad to see you taking shots of the boats. Makes for interesting subjects for a flatlander like me!

    The 18-300 lens should cover about every shooting situation. Lots of versatility for one lens!

  3. I like the boat shots. Even though I'm not good on boats in the ocean there's something that draws me to them.

    I think you will really love the 18-300mm lens by Nikon. Aaron an I looked at one of those for him a couple of months ago. It's basically the same as the 28-300mm lens for the full frame cameras and I absolutely wouldn't go anywhere without mine. They are just way to versatile not to have and it keeps you from having to change lenses all of the time.


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