Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Red and Reflected

Reflection of a Red Ornament
Between the Rotunda and the Devon Tower a magnificent reflecting pool held a single red ornament. It was seemingly sitting right on the surface of the perfectly still mirror glass water. Nary a ripple! The bottom of the pool was lined with large smooth polished river rock, magnified by the crystal clear finish of the liquid. An exceptional Reflecting Pool!
Still more to come......................


  1. again, totally my kind of christmas decoration! simple but makes a big statement! :)

  2. Interesting capture, you sure the surface of the pool is water and not glass?
    And even more to come!

  3. I'm with Paul, looks like glass instead of water. You did a great job of capturing the reflection. Now, show us the tree that ball hangs on. LOL

    1. Wow that's an incredible reflection. Nicely taken. It makes you really look at it... to see if it's water or glass?

  4. I assure everyone it was water. Leave it up to the curiosity of a child. My great grandaughter ran over and gave it a splash!

  5. Good for her! The children often teach us great lessons. Wonderful environment!


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