Thursday, December 13, 2012

Going Up! Looking Down!

Corridor View
Just past the reflecting pool we entered a corridor that led us to the elevators of the Devon Tower. A nice view of the outside grounds was enjoyed on the short walk. My great grandaughter's Dad works in the building and had clearance to take us to the 42nd floor of the 50 story Tower.
View to the North
Although eight stories from the top, it was easy to see that we towered above the other tall buildings that make up the Oklahoma City skyline!
Chesapeak Arena
Home to the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder.
Myriad Gardens
Lofty view of part of the grounds of the downtown gardens. Tube shaped building contains the climate controlled Botanical Gardens that is built over a pond. An outside ice skating arena occupies the white space in the lower left corner of pic. Lots of skaters were out enjoying the mild 56 degree evening!
The story and pics not quite over yet....................


  1. i used to work in a highrise in downtown dallas. we had a 'breakroom' on the 39th floor that provided full views all around. it was always cool.

  2. From bottom with the decorated trees to the top, the view is fantastic. Almost overwhelming!

  3. Lofty view indeed and still more to come!

    Like the Art-Deco architecture of the nearer building in your view to the North.

  4. Great Views! I really like the second shot lokking between the buildings.


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