Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa's Crystal Ball

Stopped in to see Santa while taking in the Christmas lights in the park. Wanted to ask him if he could see any future short time happenings for the Shutterbugs.

A few words were muttered, and after gazing into his ball I was directed to walk down to the pond. There I would find my answer.

After disturbing the many ducks and geese to get to the ponds shore, the reflections in the water led my eyes to a tropical island. It looked to be a place that some Shutterbugs call 'Paradise' in their pics and stories.

There was bright sunshine, mountains and dancing Hula Girls. Even saw a dancing crab and Palm Trees!

One old feller even had a hammock strung between two palms. A cold refreshment with an umbrella to shade the liquid in one hand, the Ice Cream Stand close by, gave his identity away. Heck! That's not an old feller, that's just Ron from Shutterbugs!


  1. Haha great find Parker, and Ron in lights to boot!

    Nice reflections from the lights especially in the third picture.

  2. Too funny. Love that reflection shot!

  3. Now those are my kind of Christmas lights! Great reflections in that first shot of the lights. The only thing I can see wrong here is the lights on the guys legs in the hammock should be bright white. LOL


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