Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soon To Be Forgotten

October 22, 2012
A sunset is a Glorious thing to view. End of day is a time of reflecting and sharing the appreciation and the downfalls of today!
Does the Sun fall or is it always rising? Easy answer. It is always in motion! Short moments at a time!
Remember Me!
Mount Lincoln may remember, for he has seen many more Sunsets than my eyes will ever be priviledged. But then again he has a granite heart with eyes of the same!
You Are The Best!
Funny thing how this Sunset buisness works? At the time of this scheduled event everyday, conditions permitting, a color show of the best quality will accompany the event. Something to be celebrated! But! Soon after the last rays are viewed and praised! The photographer in their never ending quest for the perfect shot, will try again tomorrow. Today is Forgotten! 


  1. so true. made me chuckle in a sad sort of way! we are fickle beings, we humans. :) thankfully god keeps handing us more glorious moments. :)

  2. True indeed and nicely stated. Nice pictures too!

  3. The photos are terrific...great sequence.

  4. Nice colors, and I really like the way you using the mountain as your background. Good work!

  5. That's the best thing about a sunset, there will always be another one and it will always be different! I really like the second and third shots.

  6. Beautiful shots and I loved the narrative!!


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