Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giant Pine Cones

Hung With Care!
What a view we had! Charlotte and I were invited by our two year old great grandaughter and her parents to go see Santa Clause Saturday evening. The event was being held in the Rotunda at the new Devon Center.
Santa's Line
The six story glass rotunda was decorated with the largest pine cones I've ever seen! Live Christmas music was playing to add to the Holiday Spirit!
Towering Above The Pine Cones
While the kids patiently waited their turn to see Saint Nick, my time was spent walking around trying to find the perfect spot to capture the cones while having the Devon Tower for a background.
More Pics and Story Coming Later........................


  1. i want one of those for my house! i'd put it in a tree stand and that would be my holiday decor!

  2. One of those would take up my whole house.

  3. Wow those are some pine cones, good find! Looking forward to the rest of the story and more pictures.

  4. You found some great angles for your photos. What a delightful way to spend some time with a child...the rotunda looks magnificient.

  5. I love the first picture, and I love this time of the year. Well, my present is here, and it's in a big box weighted about 100 lbs. I'm wondering what's in that box. Damn, I thought I'm going to get a new D4 body or a 600mm lens.

    1. A hundred pounds? That would be one hell of a lens! LOL

  6. Those are huge! The shots are great. I really like all three but I think the first photo is my favorite. All of the pine cones are in focus and you even captured the building in the circular window. Very nice.


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