Monday, June 24, 2013


The month of June has been generous with it's rainfall this year. Ten inches to date and almost 30" for the year. But......, checking out the 7 day forecast No rain is in sight!

Red Lilly
Walking around the planted domesticated flowers after a rain is a favorite way for me to admire the colors Nature has provided.

Day Lilly
Although Wildflowers are my favorite, it is so nice to have the company of the beauty that the planted ones brings to our yard.

Day Lilly of Another Color
Now if only the rains will visit us from time to time this summer, the grass will stay green and the flowers will continue to bloom. Watering with city water just does not nourish the plants like a Heaven sent rain in the hot summer of Oklahoma!


  1. a huge amen to that! we didn't get nearly the rain you did, but we did get enough to keep things green and make the crape myrtles bloom. now we're hitting the heat and dried part of summer. *sigh*

  2. Beautiful collection of Lilies!

    Ten inches of rain this month so far that's quite a bit. By comparison over here in the Coastal Rain Forest we've only had just over 3" so far this month.

  3. Be careful what you wish for; other parts of the country are suffering the aftereffects of too much moisture. The watering can in the top photo is an imaginative gauge.

  4. Excellent flower shots Parker.

  5. Great flower shots! I love the water drops on them. I like the rain gauge!!

  6. All are beautiful, really like the water droplets on them.

  7. Beautiful lillies Parker. I like your rain gauge.



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