Sunday, June 2, 2013

Water a different pespective

Like Ron said I tend to be, well kinda young and stupid, lol. I like to get a close look at things and the waterfall was no different.

Walking a little farther down from where Ron took his photos lead to a path that I could walk back up the cement retaining wall to major drop of the spillway.

With the spray of the water I was only able to take one series of bracketed shot before I felt that the camera might be getting a little too wet. 

As I was leaving this gentlemen started casting a net for bait fish. So I asked if I could get a couple shot of him throwing his net. All of these are three shot bracketed HDR except for the final image.


  1. You and Ron have made some good shot at this location. Sometime you have to forgive the old man, just lend him a hand. Good job on the bracket shots.

  2. Real nice set of photos! I like your style of HDR, not over done just enough extra dynamic range to fill in the light and dark places.

    Like that first photo, best angle in my opinion and it definitely shows what's going on!

  3. These came out really great. The colors and lighting are just right. I especially like the second and third shots the best.

  4. Nice composition on these shots. Third shot gives a good feel for the amount of water flowing down the river!

  5. Nice takes. You guys are great and so adventures with water and Falls. Yikes.

    I enjoyed all.

  6. Great captures, Aaron! I like the curve of the water in the first photo!


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