Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Over the bridge & through the jungle... grandma's house we go.
I took this at a nearby lake this past weekend. 


  1. Excellent tunnel view of the bridge. Colors are really good!

    Making this post from my Son's computer. My desktop had to be taken in to be repaired this morning. Want to let everyone on the blog know that I have seen some very nice pics that you guy's have been posting and I will be back commenting and posting as soon as I can. Same goes for our many followers whom I follow as well!

  2. Nice little bridge- makes me wonder what's on the other side!

  3. I agree, pictures like this always make me want to see what's just beyond where the picture leaves off...
    Nice find and nice picture to go with!

  4. Good spot for a early morning walk, who knows what you could see.


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