Thursday, June 27, 2013

long ways from Baltimore

Baltimore Oriole
Although this is the State bird of Maryland we have many of these colorful birds visit Oklahoma during the spring until late fall. Their name comes from the Baltimore family of England and the family's crest contains the colors found in the feathers.

Looking In
A rather shy bird, I took all the shots through the windows from the sun room.

Where did all the jelly go?
These guys love their grape jelly and seem to be constantly visiting the feeder to get a bite. It takes two to three of the 32oz jars a week to keep them all happy!

My hungry look!
Funny thing about these birds. When the jelly bowl gets empty one of them will come to the window by the door and tap on the glass until one of us gets up and refills the bowl!

Color Splash
We have several pairs that nest and raise their little ones in this area. When the youngsters begin to fly and venture out the parents will always bring them to our backyard feeders to teach them to eat the grape jelly and ripe oranges that are put out for them. I like to think they are showing the young ones off to us. More than enough payback for the enjoyment we have viewing them!


  1. so very cool! and obviously smart! :)

    thanks for the explanation of the 'baltimore' part of their name.

  2. Beautiful birds and smart too as TexWisGirl has already pointed out.

    Sounds like any birds that come around your place are spoiled... Grape jelly and Oranges, who would have known birds would like that!

  3. Colorful little guy. Great shots.

  4. You got some wonderful photos of the bird! Brightly colored and a bright "intellect." I think birds are very intelligent and quite clever. You have friends for life; at least until they migrate in the fall. Who would have thought that grape jelly would be so tasty?!

  5. Grape jelly? That's a new one on me. My mother used to put out peanut butter mixed with bird seed for the birds but I never heard of feeding them jelly! At least I know where to go if I'm hungry. Do you put out toast with that jelly? LOL


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