Monday, June 10, 2013

I dig leaks!

It always seems to happen on the weekends...
Spent all day Saturday looking for the water leak
then Jake and I spent most of Sunday afternoon fixing it.

At first it didn't look like that big of leak,
certainly not the 2.4 gallons per second that the meter at
the water treatment plant said we were loosing.

Until we actually uncovered it!

At least I got all the mud washed off the tractor. Ha ha!

Sure enough once we got the water shut off the 
source of all that missing water became evident. 
There was a hole in the copper pipe! 

So we put in a shiny new plastic pipe, turned the 
water back on and filled in the hole. 

Sure is handy taking pictures like this with the cell phone
instead of trying to bring out the good camera in all the rain and mud.


  1. You do good work. Wnat to come spend about a week with me? I've got some things you can work on! LOL

  2. oy! at least you were able to do it yourselves instead of at weekend plumber rates like i'd have to pay!

  3. Nice pics from the cell phone! Nice start to finish coverage with this series of photos!


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