Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Late Night Hot Rod

This is a little something I have been up to. Well to tell you the truth, this is actually two photos combined to make one. Both are photos I have taken. The milky way was recently taken and the car was taken last year around August. I used Photoshop to combine both photos. Here are the two photos I used to make the one. I cut the car out of the top photo and overlaid it onto the bottom photo. I also adjusted the shape of the car with free transform to get the right perspective.


  1. You already know how I feel about it, I think it's great!

  2. The Milky Way makes a great background for displaying the Hot Rod. Is the car your build?

  3. Wow fun looking project! Very nice photo to showcase this classic hot rod from years gone bye.

    Hard to tell by your night time picture but would this be a "32" Chev? And let me see would that be a big block 427 with twin Holly 850 double pumpers?

  4. I updated the post. Parker I wish this was my car! Paul I am not sure what year this car is. Every year there is a large car show, I took close to 500 photos last year. I don't think it had a big block just a small block but the twin Holley's is probably right.

    1. Really good job on the combining the two photos, you got the lighting just right!
      I'll bet Parker could tell us what year this beautiful hot rod is...

    2. Looks like it's one of Mr. Fords model A coups. 1929 or 30 year model probably.


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