Friday, June 14, 2013

High Tide

But shallow water.
The top photo is an Indo-Pacific Sergeant fish which is different from other sergeant fish because of the yellow on it's back. There's not a Hawaiian name for this specific species but the Hawaiian Sergeant fish is known as mamo. The difference between the two fish is the yellow on the Indo-Pacific Sergeant.
You're feeling smarter already, huh?

This is the ever ellusive humuhumunukunuku a pua'a (pronounced hoomoo-hoomoo-nookoo-nookoo-ah-poo-ah-ah) Try saying that three times really fast. Just try saying it once! LOL
There are several varities of the humu, also known as a triggerfish. This is the "lagoon triggerfish" identifed by the blue "hat" on top.
These were both taken in the waters off Ka'anapali Beach on Maui.


  1. Sure are colorful fish in that part of the world! You got some pretty darn nice pictures with your camera and underwater housing this last trip to Maui.

    1. Thanks Paul! When you take as many shots as I did you're bound to get a few good ones! LOL

  2. That is quite a name for a fish...I don't think I could say it once:) Really pretty fish!

  3. Great shots! I really like seeing all your underwater shots.


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