Sunday, June 23, 2013

MV Evviva

I passed this beautiful motor yacht the Evviva on my way to Quatsino with the landing craft a couple of days ago, what a beauty! (note the helicopter on the upper rear deck). 
When I got home I googled it... Built in 2006 by Westport Shipyard Port Angeles, Wa. The Evviva is 163.1 feet long and 30.1 feet wide.


  1. Quite the yacht you found in your waters. Must be owned by a member of "The Rich&Famous Crowd".

    1. One website I looked at said that the owner of Westport Shipyard had this built for himself.

      If I needed a tax deduction because I made way too much money one of these would be perfect... It wouldn't matter how much money you spent on operations and maintenance you could still spend more and more, boats are like that!

  2. Must be rough living like that! LOL


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