Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bog flowers

A couple of interesting wild flowers I found while out hiking a boardwalk through a boggy area a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I was there last month, several recent days of warm weather must have signaled the bugs to hatch because this week I'm told the bog is swarming with them!


  1. Theses are beautiful takes. What is the name of these flowers?

    1. Whiteus bogius folwerus... I have the same book as Ron! Honestly I have no idea. The first picture is of a very uncommon plant I've only seen growing in two places, however the bottom picture, this plant is quite common and lives in boggy areas and on the forest floor in wet areas.

    2. It's a very good book huh Paul? LOL

      These are great close-ups. I really like the top photo, lots of detail on the "frilly" little parts.

  2. Hello!!!.. What a beautiful flowers .. Nice pictures .. Congratulations ..

  3. Great detail! That top photo would be a great close up macro. Nice set of flower photos.


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