Sunday, June 2, 2013

Water Water Every Where

Aaron and I were out and about in Missouri yesterday and came across a spillway from one lake to another that was raging with water from the storms the previous day.

We decided to stop and take some photos and of course I, being older and wiser, chose to take my shots from the relative safety of the top edge of the spillway.

Aaron being younger, and, well, younger, chose to climb down the side of the hill and get at water level on the edge of the spillway. Hopefully he'll post a photo or two from his vantage point.
I was told by a man that had been there the day before that the water was three times as high the day before. He said it was running and falling so hard that you could feel the ground shake. Kind of like a mini Niagra Falls.  I wonder if I could talk Aaron into a barrel? LOL


  1. Your photos are amazing. I hope the flooding waters didn't do too much damage.

  2. Just discovered your blog. Love these water shots!

  3. They are all great Ron but the third one is my favorite.


  4. We could use some rain to kill off our wildfires.

  5. Maybe not a barrel but give me a helmet, life vest, and kayak and we have a deal. lol Great shots from above. Wish we could have been there when it was making the ground shake that could have been a lot of fun.

  6. If you like to shoot water streams, please check out the Lee ND filters or B&W ND filters. I have own both of these filters, and I'm very happy with it. Perhaps, I will do some comparison on these filters on my Kauai trip next month.

    1. Q, these were shot using an ND8 filter. It was just an off brand filter because I haven't convinced myself to spend $100 on a filter yet but maybe one day, after I get another lens!

  7. Watching the news I see that there was an insane amount of rain fell in a short period of time especially down south of you... Never rains, it pours eh?

    All great shots but I have to agree with Felicia on the third picture!

  8. Glad you guys stopped or we wouldn't have got to see these river and waterfalls shots! Good job and the third one seems to sum it up!


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