Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can we stump Texwisgirl?

Better known as; name that flower.
Personally, I don't have a clue. I know it's orange and yellow and grows on a tall stalk.


  1. bwahahaha!

    someone had posted one of these from the side view this week and i googled 'red and yellow spike flower' and immediately hit on it. so i could remember the red hot poker name.

    Kniphofia uvaria: commonly known as a Red Hot Poker or Torch Lily

  2. I knew Tex gal would get tit for you. She is are life saver.

    It is so attractive the picture.

  3. It's a beautiful blossom and kudos for TexWisGirl!

  4. Pretty hard to stump Tex. She's too sharp. :)


  5. It also comes in yellow. Have one planted just off the screened porch. Way to go Tex.

  6. We have Red Hot Poker's here too. Love the shot.

  7. Nice picture, see you got the bokeh thing happening with this one!

    Ron that was pretty easy, before looking at the comments my best guess was Red Hot Poker also... See quite a few of them growing in peoples flower gardens up this way.


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