Friday, June 28, 2013

Salmon Berries

A wild relative of the Raspberry, the Salmon Berry can be found on the West Coast of North America from California to Alaska. Typically these berries become ripe beginning mid May and continue into early July.

For whatever reason there are two distinct types of bushes which grow along side each other and are indistinguishable except some produce red berries and some produce yellow berries. 

Each year my next door neighbor makes a batch of Salmon Berry wine, last years batch was exceptional!


  1. Beautiful shots. I like the spots of color.

  2. Same berry-different color. Interesting. Some of those sprinkled over some ice cream or breakfast cereal would be tasty. The red ones look like they would be the sweetest!

  3. Those look pretty tasty! Did you use a flash on the first shot is that natural light?

    1. Both natural light, I think I might have been a bit overexposed on the settings for the first shot.


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