Sunday, June 16, 2013

Red Serge

The Van Isle 360 sailing race (See my previous post) is quite the occasion and is celebrated with much enthusiasm in each of the ports they stop at along the way. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were also on hand as part of the celebration in Port Hardy with these two RCMP members wearing the traditional Red Serge uniforms. 

I copied and pasted this next part from the internet...

Historically the Red Serge and Stetson was the main uniform for the RCMP; today the Red Serge and Stetson is reserved for formal occasions. Although the Serge is very sharp looking, it isn't the most practical uniform for day to day use. So for their day to day duties, members of the RCMP are dressed in a less spectacular, but a more practical, uniform.


  1. The female officer looks a little happier about getting her photo taken than the male officer.

    I like the history of the serge, I guess they come to occasions like the race for good PR for the RCMP?

  2. Hey, I used to watch "North of 60" on CBC...I'm hip to the forest ranger type uni's, but who doesn't love the red serge? :-)

  3. very cool, but always makes me think of dudley dooright.

  4. Very spiffy!!! I didn't know they even still wore these uniforms. I always think if Dudley Doright when ever I see these type of uniforms.


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