Monday, August 15, 2011

Antique Cars.

1961 Volkswagen.

1965 Mustang.

I went to my son Taekwondo tournament last weekend, and it just happen they have a car show there along with the body builder expo.


  1. I really like the top photo of the hubcap. The reflections in the hubcap are great. They even show that you're using a tripod!! LOL

    That thing must be attached to your hip!

  2. Gangsta Wide White Walls.

    Chrome VW Baby Moons
    Chrome Beauty Ring.

    Photographer with Two Real Legs and Three Metal Ones holding up a Picture Taking Machine. That has to be Shutterbug Photographer Quynh Le taking this appealing shot !

    Nice work showing this slick Fastback Mustang.
    When my wife and I were married in 1965 her brother loaned us his new Dark Burgundy Fastback that we used on our Honeymoon. Her Mother also had a new Mustang. I thought I was marrying into money! Only about Six Months later, the Bank Reposessed her brothers!LOL. Mom was never in that spot.

  3. Nice pictures! I'm with Ron in liking the top picture. Is it a crome hubcap or a self portrait of the photographer or both?

    Car shows are great! But I haven't gotten to one since I've taken up photography... One of these days.


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