Friday, August 19, 2011


This will be my first photo in a series of what I call "Art In The Park".

"JANEY" is the name I gave to this young Lady of the Plains.

Born in 1887 this young Lass of Raven Black Hair was surveying her options and thinking towards the future. This was Statehood Day,
November 16, 1907.

Half white, half Indian, she never felt or accepted the stigma . Educated and knowing what she wanted, this statehood only gave her more boldness and a legal avenue to further her dreams. Little, or maybe she did know, how her actions would inspire a few of her heirs.

Thirteen children, two dying plus her husband a Mr. Coffee of trading post history in Oklahoma almost broke her heart, the other eleven
kids were from my Grandpa Parker, He was a Cowboy from Texas.

Prior to meeting him, Janey had already accumalated property in Wapanucka,OK., been to New Mexico and homesteaded land along with her Dad and brothers. Between Clovis and Portales they accumalated a respectable acreage. I visited the graves of my family there and the land they owned, but for the life of me I did not see what drew Janey there. But land she did leave! For whatever its worth. If you ever have a chance to travel in New Mexico between Clovis and Portales and come to a wide spot called Dora, say high to the Lanes and Parker's.

Did not mean to get so far off base but Grandma Martha Jane, "Janey", which is such an inspiration to all of us lives on. None of her grandkids ever seen her alive or heard her voice. She passed in 1933. Dad was born in 1922, will be 90 his next Birthday. My last link with her.

Never fear Janey, I will see you Memorial Day in Tuttle, Oklahoma, and will give a tip of the hat to your dreams. You are truly are The Spirit of Oklahoma!

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  1. What a wonderful rich history to go with this picture! Made even more interesting by the fact that it is part of your family history!

    Looking forward to the next pictures in this series.

  2. What gave me the inspiration for this little story was the concho belt the little girl is wearing. The only pic I ever saw of my Grandmother a belt similar to this was around her waist. I wish to thank whoever donated this sculpture to the park. Evokes a good memory.

  3. That's a wonderful family history, and Grandma Janey is one of a brave woman to raise 11 kids on her own during that time. You are correct, she is a such inspiration to all of us lives on. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Q, she actually lost her first husband and two kids then married Granpa Parker and they had 11 together. One died and 10 of his kids were left for him to try and raise. Dad said it was rough. Those were depression days.

  5. What a story! I like the angle you shot this photo on, showing the gree and the rolling hills in the background.

    I didn't know anything in Oklahoma was still green! LOL

    Work has been a nightmare the last several days so I'm behind in getting to the blog. You aguys are doing a good job of keeping it busy!


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