Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ears pointed forward, still alert for danger. Nostrils flared large and mouth wide open, gasping for all the air He can bring into his lungs . This Lead Stallion has just led His herd of wild ponies on an all out run away from a threat. Covered with sweat and veins still bulging from a swiftly beating heart, He has finally arrived to safety and a cool drink at the Springs here at Chisholm Trail Park in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Indian Pony, Mustang, Spanish Colonial Horse, American Indian Horse.
These are just a few names given to these once Wild and Free Spirits of the Plains. And yes, they at one time did wander this very land and plains that I call Home. The Springs now have a Dam which makes a very nice pond for the Townsfolk to stroll around, but I suspect hardly any give a thought to the Mustangs, or God Dog as the Indians first called the ponies, watering here.


  1. Wow amazing sculpture! You have done a nice job of capturing some of the intricate detail in this piece.

    So far you have posted 3 bronze sculptures. Are all three in the same location or are they different ones you know about and have found here and there?

    By the way your Grandfather must have been quite a fellow and I'll bet your Father has some real interesting stories to tell!

  2. Great descriptive on the photos! You got another good angle on the bottom photo.

    Now I can see the brown! LOL


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