Sunday, August 28, 2011

From the files

When we moved back to Kansas this summer I was under the impression I would have more time to spend taking photos but for some reason it hasn't worked out that way.

I've had to dig into the archives and come up with something to post. I'd like to say there isn't anything intersting in Kansas to take photos of as my excuse but I just haven't had the time to get out. It sucks having to work for a living! I think I need to come up with some different lottery numbers! LOL


  1. Very nice Sunset. Did you add that moon? Sure makes the pic pop! I like it.

    I'm needing a trip to the Wichitas.

  2. Did I add the moon??? What kind of question is that?? LOL

    Of course I added the moon! To over the top? Maybe too big?

  3. Just right!

    Icing on the cake to a colorful Sunset.

  4. Definitely an eye catching photo! Great post processing, nice touch adding the moon!

  5. I like it a lot! But, where's the stars?


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