Friday, August 19, 2011

Selective Colorization.

I just found out there's a button on Capture NX2, that could recover the original color on the picture. Just 4 clicks, and I could create something like this. I have done similar effect like this before on CS5, it tooks me a lot longer just for one picture.


  1. For those using the NX2 program I can see where this would be a very useful feature. I like your photos especially the road shot with the yellow centerlines leading to the mtns.

  2. Always nice to find new features on your favorite editing programs.

    Coloring just one part of a photograph really draws the eye to exactly where in the photograph you want the viewer to look!

    I too really like the picture of the road with its colorful center line.

  3. This is cool!! What four clicks did you use???

    I like the road photo too but I think my favorite is the top photo. It looks like it was taken in the middle of the artic. Very nice!

  4. Ron, see this link


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