Monday, August 15, 2011

Checking out Oloneo

Oloneo is one of the newer pieces of software for creating "HDR" images which it does quite nicely I must admit.

What I was curious about was taking a single RAW image and getting the most "Dynamic Range" out of it with just one photograph. Oloneo does this quite nicely as you can see in the above two pictures. I set the camera to take one RAW picture and one Large/Fine JPEG image all in one shot. The top picture is the JPEG as shot and the bottom picture is the RAW picture processed with the Oloneo software. Can't see that much difference until you view the pictures larger.

The program is free to try for 30 days which I am doing now... 28 days left to go.


  1. This software is similar to NIK software. It seems to me they have everything in one application, but I think the NIK software have more control on the adjustments. For example, the NIK will let me have a control to select one area in the picture for adjustments, and will not effect the other area of the picture. However, I will give this Oloneo software a try.

  2. Oh no, not ANOTHER software I have to figure out! LOL

    I haven't decided if I even want to mess with the whole HDR thing. I probably will have to in the future sometime but I think it's kind of cheating, even more than we do now with all of the post processing we do.

    You can definitely tell a difference in the two shots. I'm just impressed you actually shot something in RAW. LOL!

  3. Professor you are certainly expanding your processing skills this summer. I applaude you.

    I have to agree with Ron whether I even want to mess with HDR. I think for me I will just stick to my easy to use Picasa3 for a little clean up when I feel a pic needs it. I don't want to be a purist only try harder on my photo taking skills so I don't really feel I need to enhance my art.

    Both the shots are very nice with a notable difference. I enjoy a good pic whether processed or not! Let us see how the learning process is coming along. You have a good eye for subject matter!


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