Monday, August 22, 2011


North or Vandement Entrance

In my last post, in the comment section, Paul inquired as to where the sculptures were located that I have been photographing. As all picture takers say, I just happen to have a picture to answer your question with!

Chisholm Trail Park is our largest park, connecting to Freedom Trail Playground, the Community Center, Ball Diamonds, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, more picnic areas and other various activities. Meandering, paved walking trails wander all thru this large acreage. Placed at various points throughout the park is where the sculptures are to be found. I believe they are a nice addition along with being an asset to our park system. Along with the well manicured grounds, wonderful ponds and lighted fountains, this is a most pleasant place to take one's daily walks.

Wonder where the Cowboy that belongs to these Boots is?
I always heard they 'Die with their Boots on'

This is a view from the hill looking South. You can see some of the paved walking trails and a few of the ponds with fountains. In the left lower corner just beyond the trail and park bench is 'Robbie'. Her post is coming.
Just beyond the trees in the background is the Community Center with all the other facilities mentioned earlier in this post. Also the small lake created by the dammed springs which was an early day watering hole along the Chisholm Trail for the men and Longhorns alike on their way to the railheads in Kansas is located there. Some of the yet to be shown sculptures are located in this area.
So, this is the area where the sculptures reside. We also have the 'Centennial Longhorns' which are scattered about town..............But these will be for another series!


  1. Ok I remember the bottom photo in this post or one similar to it about a year or so ago where you told about Chisholm Park.

    I googled "Chisholm Trail Park" and find that it is in Yukon Oklahoma and Blum Texas that would make the park at least 233 miles long! LOL

  2. I think the cowboy dried up and blew away!

  3. I'm surprise that the grass still green with the heat we have been in the past 5 weeks.


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