Saturday, August 27, 2011


What better way for a Boy to spend his Saturday morning
than fishing at Mulvey's Pond!
Just last night PaPa and me took the electric rod and battery down to the orchard where we coaxed a cupfull of those big ol nightcrawlers out of the ground. PaPa learned this trick when He was my age living in Montana. My great GranPa taught him.
Grasshoppers and the stinkbait work pretty good and so do the little worms. But when your going for the biggest catfish in the pond only me and papa's secret bait will do! Shoot! That big ol catfish ain't got a prayer of a chance!


  1. Hmmmm, sticking eltricfied rods in the ground, I think I know of another reason to do that! LOL

    I like this photo! The lighting is perfect and you can see every detail and the bronze of his skin really pops. Great job!

  2. Guess PaPa never heard of the dy-na-mite lure! LOL
    Actually truth be known I never heard about using a battery to get worms, great trick!
    Your lighting and composition on this photo are spot on, nice capture.

  3. Well Paul, PaPa had used the Dy-Na- Mite method and sometimes even tried to ring them up on the phone! One time was fishing with the game warden. Lit a stick and handed it to him. He said that was illegal. I asked him if we came to fish or talk!!!LOL

  4. I heard the fisherman, the dy-na-mite and the game warden story years ago and several times since but never realized you were the fisherman in the story! LOL

  5. I like this one the most! This one remind me when I were young from back home. Nothing fancy on the equipments, just a line, and a hook on a bamboo stick. The bait we were using are some ants eggs mixed with rice to provide some bonding on the hook. After, the fishing trip, we always sharing our fishing story together on our 2 hours bike home. As I'm an old man now, I got spoiled on those deep sea fishing trips in Kauai.


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