Monday, August 29, 2011


OK! How many Gals do you know that asks for a New Mower for their Birthday!
Well I have one! Saturday we picked up the Wife's new mower. A 19 inch mower deck to go along with the 22 inch one bought two years ago. Electric start and rear wheel driven. One point adjustment for the blade height. This puppies got it all. Smaller in size for a better turning radius to get around the flower beds and trees, and alot easier to handle when making your lines straight! (Her Words).
Years ago, and I will not say how many, She decided that the mowing duties and the flower beds belonged to Her. I was informed that I could not mow a straight line and the difference between a weed and a flower was unknown to me! I could trim the trees and keep the equipment in good order but that was it. Man, Was My Feelins Hurt!!!
So to help my bruised ego I decided that the best mowers, trimmers, edgers, weedeaters, digging tools, and what ever those other strange tools were, She would have.

To make a long story a little shorter. While she is getting that new machine dusty and dirty, which I will have to clean up, think I will just give the Pickup a bath. Josey Bell said she will help!


  1. LOL!! I'd buy her a new mower too if she was doing all of the mowing!

    You've got some awful green grass in that yard. You must be wasting water to keep it green. I on the other hand enjoy the brown non-growing grass just so I don't have to mow it!

    Electric start? You spoil her too much! LOL

  2. Two weeks ago that Bermuda grass was brown and dormant. Just the bushes and flower beds were given water. A couple of rains and the grass began to green up again.

  3. Parker, thank you for your kind comment on my blog today. I love to hear that people enjoy it. It really makes my day.

  4. That's one mean looking mower! Love the black and yellow color scheme.

    You've just given me an idea... I'm going to start mowing the lawn a little crooked but not so much as to make it real obvious and see if my Wife will take my mowing privileges away too! LOL

  5. This is a very nice machine. You can add a Steelers sticker to this one. I'm sure you and her will enjoy this one. Make sure take a picture while you using this machine.


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