Thursday, August 25, 2011


Here we have Robby feeding Her bottle calf . Oklahoma skies are beautiful this morning with the clouds almost starting to make Mares Tails.
After three feeds last night Robby was up at daylight! Her little Bull Calf was already bawling for breakfast. Dressed and out the door she was up to the task. This is Her responsibility. You can have him,Papa said, but you have to take care of him!
Setting on the fence and dreaming of all the Blue Ribbons that this boy would win at the County Fair this year made this chore easy. After all every girl doesn't get a to have Her own calf! And this sure ain't work!
This is my own story. I never knew Robby but wish I had. Any child that takes on the responsibility of an orphaned calf and completes the job of raising one has character! Robby has a story, and if I ever run into the Newkirk family, an invite will be given to post their account of Her in the Comment section of Shutterbugs!

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  1. Great story to go with your pictures! I agree it would be interesting to know the real story behind this sculpture.

    All photos from all angles nicely exposed. I think the bottom photo is the best angle of the three.


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