Tuesday, August 23, 2011


These kids seem to be playing a game of tag or starting a race to the pond.

From here it's a downhill run.

What do you guys think about this processed pic? I don't know if I like it or not. All thru this series I have found getting the correct light settings on sculptures has been a challange. Most of the shots have to be overexposed to get the definition I'm looking for. I realize this shot has back lighting and using the flash did not produce an exceptable image, so I just processed the pic while going with the underexposed shot.


  1. In this situation you definitely need fill-in the flash. However, in your angle of the bottom picture, you would need more than 2 flashes to get correct exposure from the kid #2-4. Normally, the light on the flash tend to fall off around 10-15'. for me in this situation of the bottom picture, I would do spot metering, and change the focus point to the kid on the right. Then shoot on f/8 to f/16 with on board flash. However, with this setting, I have to blown out the background. But, for the best result I have to use 3 flashes, shoot on f/8, and focus on the kid from the right.

  2. Not to overstate the obvious but....

    It looks like the shadows are falling from the right to the left so I would take the picture during a different time of day either evening or morning, which ever was opposite of the time you took this.

    Of course you could always park your car in front of the statues and turn the head lights on! LOL

    If you really want to cheat you could, wiat for it, use a tripod, and then take two exposures, one to light up the statues and another for the surroundings and then blend them. If your like me it will only take you several hours to accomplish. LOL

  3. Thanks everyone for the advice. These pics were taken early in the morning with the sun at their backs. I should have went back in the evening for the frontal shot.

  4. See there, that's what you get for getting up so damn early in the morning! LOL

  5. If you don't get up and out early these days the heat will take it's toll. And I was raised in this country. A/C spoils you. About an hour and a half ago recorded 109.4F on my thermometer.

  6. I like how all of these pictures came out. Even though the bottom photo is slightly backlight I think it is the best shot of the bunch as far as composition and the full rich colors of the background. Nice post processing on your part!

  7. Paul, after showing these pics to about a dozen friends they were all in agreement with you. All of these pics accurately show what I was seeing at that time of day. The enhanced pic was just to bring out the background. Just this morning around 7:oo am I viewed these kids just to make sure I produced an accurate image of what I saw. I was pleased.

    In conclusion to this long list of comments, I'm proud to say each of us has our own way of presenting our interpretation of what we are seeing and feeling when we compose and work up our photos. One of my favorite things is to view a new post on Shutterbugs and immediately recognize the shooter of the pic. We all have our signature! I have even went back to the early seventies reviewing my early years of 35mm film and slides, and Yes, the same traits were visible then! Be true to your interpretations, this is your Art. This is the digital age with all the advantages that comes with it. Interpret your art as you see it! A good pic and exceptional one always comes to the top like cream on milk!


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