Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beach walk

Took this picture very close to where the Eagles nest is that I posted earlier. I wind up taking quite a number of pictures while out hiking. Most of the pictures I take don't amount to much but by sheer numbers and law of averages I wind up with the odd keeper... LOL

To some this picture might seem kind of dark... Well in fact that's what it's like out here on the West Coast for half the year. Not that I'm complaining!


  1. What a great sky! At first when I was looking at the smaller version of the photo I thought the tree was an old axle to something.

  2. life is not always sunshiney. :)

    1. Sunshiney, that's another texwis word right? LOL

  3. Great shot! I love skies with stormy clouds!!

  4. Not is the way it is, right?
    Lovely photo, I say!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. No it just right for me! Good work!


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