Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eternal Fountain

Northern Vancouver Island has a number of limestone formations and caves. Not too far from where I live is an interesting geological feature the locals call the "Eternal Fountain". Essentially an underground river flows to daylight and falls into a pool about 20 feet lower, from that pool the water flows back into another cave which leads back the direction the river came from in the first place only on a lower level, all very curious!

I actually used a tripod for todays pictures as it was fairly dark under the forest canopy. On the bottom picture I set the aperture to f22 to slow the shutter speed down to get that silky look to the flowing water.


  1. A curious story indeed! I can see why it is called the 'Eternal Fountain".
    Yes, the tripod was called for with low light and slow shutter speeds. The proof is in that silky water falls photo! Good work!

  2. I like what you did with the camera photographing the water in both pictures.

  3. The bottom photo is amazing.

  4. A tripod???? What next? Filters? LOL

    I'm with everybody else, the bottom photo is great!

  5. Bottom shot is a WINNER!!

  6. best continuous water fountain ever! :)


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