Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birds, Butts and a Waterfall

A flamingo from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Puttin' on a show for the tourists.

What? This isn't the butt you were expecting?? LOL

Sorry Q but this one was shot hand held


  1. Handheld waterfall picture!! LOL

    Those Koi are huge. I'd be a little worried if I was that duck with my neck stuck out underwater like that!

  2. Apology is accepted! LOL.
    So how many pictures did you have on this trip?
    I like the water falls picture, especially handheld, I got to give you A+ on this one.

    1. Thanks Q. I actually had the tripod with me this trip but I never used it once. I think I took about 1000 shots over the four days. A lot of them are repeats at different settings. I took about 50-75 of the Belagio fountains one night. I'll post of few of those in the next couple of days.


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