Friday, May 4, 2012


It's always fun to see Artists actually creating their works on canvas!

This quiet and creative lady I found in a shady resting area. Taking a seat on a bench it was fun to watch her at work for awhile!

On Friday I came back by to see if she was still there and found only this painting of her interpretation of the Stage Center Theater! Was glad she left the painting displayed on her easel so I could see the finished work!



  1. Painting is such a slow way to capture a picture to show others... Digital cameras are so fast...

    If I had to paint a picture of everything I found beautiful I would still be stuck in Hawaii on my third picture!

    Wait just a minute... Stuck in Hawaii painting pictures! Maybe I'll take up painting... LOL

    Nice pictures Parker!

  2. Being "stuck in Hawaii" sounds like such an odious task!! Visual arts gives so much pleasure to both artist and viewer, don't you think?

    1. Kate I've never been to Hawaii but being stuck
      anywhere doesn't have much of a ring for me, but the
      visual arts whether with photography, paints, dance, baling wire,
      or any other medium, I do believe is pleasurable to the giver and reciever!

  3. I'm always impressed by folks who can create in front of others.

  4. These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I wish I knew how to paint better...or have more patience to paint. Taking a picture is easy. But capturing a story in the photo is harder than painting...i think. You do a good job of doing just that! =)

    1. Well thanks Sandy!
      Now I am at a loss for words!LOL

  6. I agree with Paul on two counts. Painting is a very slow process and if I had to be stuck in Hawaii doing it I would probably take up painting too! LOL

    You have to get to Hawaii at least once Parker, you really, really do.

    Nice capture of the artists in action!


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