Thursday, May 3, 2012

Picture Takers

Greg Davis
International photographer and globe trekker Greg Davis had some real striking images from his travels.

If you enjoy shots from around the world you might want to visit his web site. 

Wish I would have caught this guy's name as he had some most unusual photographs taken from around the United States.  Black and White was his primary medium. Nicely matted and ready for framing, his prints were available in several sizes

John Chumack

Photography from literally 'Out of This World' was viewed at this man's booth! By far it seemed that his photography captured the interest of the younger crowd. Explaining in detail to his young (and some older) visitors, one could tell the celestial world was his passion, and his pics and words reflected the fact. And no, I can't relate back to all the technical moves that were used in getting a photo, to a camera, from a telescope , into a well focused and crisp pic!

The Art of Photography was well represented and many more booths were present. I chose these because of the cross section of the interests that I saw.



  1. Like I've said before... You seem to find all the interesting things to take pictures of!
    Interesting to see the many different styles of photography at an art show like this. Very inspirational I'm sure!

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    1. In my opinion, like these photographers selling your work to the public it takes more than quality of the picture. Once, you can created a picture it has an object appeals to the audience, and a photo that tell a story. Then you can sell your work.

      You won't learn this in the school, it all came from your natural talent.

      For me, if your picture appeals to you, then it's a keeper. Like I said before, photography is ain't easy.

    2. 'Q', I totally agree with your opinion. Good insights!

  3. Nice post Parker. I still think we should set up our own booth sometime. Maybe the four of us can collaborate on some photos sometime. As long as it's not too hot or too cold outside and isn't raining or too windy or...


    1. ....or we wouldn't have to set
      in that booth all day for several days!LOL
      Weather was just perfect for this fest. In
      past years it seemed like this event was bombarded
      with spring thunderstorms (wind&hail), which would
      play havoc with their booths. But, return every year they do!

    2. Forget about selling our pictures, just setup a booth, with a grill, and some beers in the cold coolers. Then I will bring some of those pork chops, baby back ribs, and sushi. That's what I called men doing business with a style. What do you think?

    3. I think you can count me in! (except for the sushi LOL)

  4. I think Ron is onto something. You guys need your own booth! How awesome would that be. I would have loved to have seen all of these wonderful photographs especially the space ones. =)

    1. Sandy, this fest was really special
      this year and the space pics were unbelievable!
      Booth would be fun just to take pics of the
      people that stopped by to look!


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