Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sonoran Delights

Using the Stage Center buildings as a background, which is sort of a sculpture in itself , found this tin and metal art form. I could not find a name for the piece so just named it myself!
     The tallest cactus is the Saquaro which is an indicator or identifying plant of the Sonoran Desert. The familiar barrel cactus and prickly pear round out the sculpture. Thought my friends and fellow desert lovers of The Southwest might enjoy this pic!

Hawaiian Palms

I know I have a ready audience from Ron, Paul, and Quyhn Le, for this sculpture! My friends and fellow posters, this one's for you, from Oklahoma! By the way, was wearing my best Hawaiian Shirt when this photo was shot!

Sleeping Moon

Found where the Moon takes it's naps during the day. Right here in Oklahoma City!
Same story, couldn't find a name for this Carved Stone beauty so had to come up with a moniker of my own. Figured that would be OK on this one because I am a Moon Child myself!


Hans Van de Bovenkamp was commissioned to create this modern piece. Gateway was envisioned to be a connection between the architecture and the nature in downtown! The abstract sculpture was constucted from industrial strength aluminum, it's curves reflect the hills, trees and water! I also liked the shadows it cast!
     A large abstract, 16 feet high and 14 feet wide, I envision my poster friends and all our readers and commentors, posing between the arches for a group photo!



  1. i do like those cacti. and mr. sleeping moon. your hawaii pals probably pick the palms, as you said. :)

  2. I love the cactus sculptures.

  3. Hawaiian palm trees in Oklahoma! Who would have known? LOL

    Actually really like the cactus sculpture picture, the background you chose to put behind really adds to this picture. Great finds once again Parker!

  4. Those are amazing! and the photos are superb!
    I really like your blog!

  5. Love that Moon...when should we be there for the photo shoot!!???!!! LOL

  6. Great shots Parker! I agree with Paul again, the backdrop on the cactus photo was a nice touch. I really like the palm trees though!

    You didn't happen to get a peak at the price tag did you?

    1. No Ron I didn't see a price. The main booth
      that was representing them was over by the buildings
      and I didn't happen to stop in and check prices.


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