Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bird on IPhone 4s.

After I bought my cup of coffee today at Starbucks, I found this little bird sitting on the curb where I parked my car.  I'm not sure this bird is sick or not shy by human, I have tried to feed this one with peanuts, but it wouldn't take it.  I hope I don't get any bird flu from this one.  All these shots came from my IPhone 4s on HDR mode.  


  1. Maybe the bird just wanted you to share some of that high priced coffee instead of a peanut. LOL

  2. i'm guessing starbucks will be strong enough to kill the bird flu. :)

  3. So now you are posting cell phone pictures on the blog? LOL. Brave little bird!

    I'm convinced that animals have a good sense of who will harm them or be kind to them. This little bird probably had you pegged for a nice guy!


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